"What is an f/Stop, anyway?"

An ƒ/Stop is the aperture rating on a camera lens.  Those that were around during the coming up with names period of the f/Stop's creation period were all photographers, videographers, and filmmakers.  And, the camera motif kinda stuck.


ƒ/stop Fitzgerald's Public House opened on September 9th of 2009.  9/9/09.  Billed as "Salem's Smallest Pub", it has lived up to that moniker.  The pub seats about 30 people comfortably, but still in tight proximity enough that interaction is not  only encouraged, but necessary at times.  This has caused friendships to happen that might not have otherwise!


Featuring local brews and wines as well as favorites from outside the immediate area, ƒ/stop Fitzgerald's Public House is a pub made for our local clientele. There are no lottery machines, no sporting events on the TV, no kitchen services (outside of a few snacks).

The People Behind The ƒ



Owns the place


Pours beer Tuesday and Thursday.

 Contact for live music


Pours beer Friday, Saturday, and Monday.  Monday is Industry Night!  

Show your server's card and receive specials!


Pours beer Sunday and Wednesday.

Sunday is Game Night!  Bring in your friends and a game and receive specials!